After a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Niigata this week on 18th June, a tsunami warning was issued, warning of waves up to 1 metre in height, and certain areas were ordered to evacuate.

Although the majority of Japanese people are gravely aware of the destruction a tsunami can cause, some commented, via social media, that at least 1 metre isn’t that bad.

Most adults are over one metre tall so you can kind of see the logic. As long as people can stay standing they should be okay, right?

Another reference point people were using was the catastrophic tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, which hit terrifying heights of over 9 metres. In comparison to that, 1 metre doesn't seem like such a big deal after all.

But in response to these comments, an old video started circulating on Twitter which proved that a 1 metre high tsunami is, in fact, a very big deal. This is a simulation which shows the effect that even half a metre-high waves can have.

The powerful waves caused by a tsunami can knock anyone off their feet and sweep them away, making even a height of 50 centimetres potentially fatal.

This simulation of a 1m tsunami shows the violent strength of the waves.

Illustrations were used to point out that while people may be imaging waves like those at the seaside which climb gradually higher before breaking, a tsunami wave is like a solid wall that sweeps away anything in its path.

The message conveyed by these simulations is clear, never underestimate tsunami warnings.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.