Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner are known for their beautifully presented sweets. Previously they’ve produced charming nine-piece cake sets themed around popular movie releases, taking inspiration from Star Wars for example, or Pixar for their adorable Children's Day desserts box.

Now to celebrate the new remake of Disney’s Aladdin, they’ve released this collection of colourful and enchanting cakes.

Although the set is coming out for the live action movie, the desserts tap into some nostalgia with designs based on the classic animated version.

Each one represents a particular character or item from the film based on colour schemes or motifs.

From bottom left:

Jasmine: white chocolate cream cake decorated with peacock feather

Genie: mint cream tart with chocolate star

Aladdin: lemon cream and berry cream tart taking the form of Aladdin’s feathered turban and decorated with an extra chocolate star

From middle left:

Rajah: chocolate cream roll cake that matches Rajah’s striped coat

Palace: strawberry cream and mango cream roll cake reminiscent of the sultan’s palace

Abu: Aladdin’s cheeky companion can be seen perched on top of the fruit tart

From top left:

Jafar: blackcurrant cream and mango cream cake for the movie’s baddie

Magic lamp: mango and coconut mousse that shines just like the Genie’s lamp and a chocolate star adds extra magic

Magic carpet: lemon cream and blueberry cream sponge roll cake masquerades as Aladdin’s primary form of transport

The diverse set of nine desserts comes in an attractive box showing the iconic magic carpet scene. You can pick it up at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner from now until 11th July 2019, and it costs 2700 yen. They’re the perfect way to bring a bit of Disney magic to a party or teatime, but watch out, they will probably be flying off the shelves faster than Aladdin's famous carpet.

By - Jess.