Japanese online goods retailer Felissimo has built up a steady inventory of items certain to please cat lovers, including kimono-style super round cat bags and pen stands that replicate a cat rubbing up against your leg. Their latest release takes a cute scene feline fans who happen to own pet fish may be all too aware of, with drinking glasses that imagine a cat starting longingly at a fish tank.

The lineup takes glasses decorated with the image of four different breeds of cat along with swimming fish, and plays off the fact that after pouring your drink into a glass, the distortion will make it appear as if the cat is actually curiously peering from the outside with its paws on a fish tank.

For added impact, Felissimo has made sure you can see the adorable detail of kitty paws pressed against the glass.

The "cats dreaming of fish tanks" glasses are available from both Felissimo's Japanese and international shopping pages for 950 yen. Felissimo suggests collecting all four to turn your table into a curious kitty aquarium.

By - Big Neko.