Source: PR Times

Hop Aboard Tokyo’s New Pokemon Monorail This Summer

Travelers in Japan may have noticed that comfortable and high speed trains bullet trains known shinkansen sometimes break out special designs and themes in the summertime to welcome those exploring the country, as seen recently with Hello Kitty and Disney themed bullet trains. While it's not quite a shinkansen, Tokyo Monorail has decided to celebrate it's 55th anniversary this summer with a travel service this summer that is sure to please Pokemon fans around the world--a Pokemon Monorail that connects travelers into Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Tokyo.

The Pokemon Monorail will travel between Haneda Airport's domestic and international terminals, but also travel along the entire Tokyo Monorail line, guiding visitors all the way to Hamamatsucho in central Tokyo. Each monorail car is said to have a designated Pokemon type, including Pikachu, Snorlax, Bulbasaur, and Articuno.

The Pokemon Monorail makes its debut departing from Haneda Airport on July 1st, and is slated to run until June 2020. Here's to hoping for Pokemon merchandise kiosks outside the terminals.

By - Big Neko.