School uniforms have been inspiring fashion for many years now in Japan. Swimwear is no exception. We've already seen Moira Design's gakuran school uniform swimsuit, but now, Village Vanguard has launched a line of sailor uniform-inspired beachwear sure to please fans of kawaii fashion and the sailor uniform look.

Called umibe no onnanoko うみべの女の子 (literally, "seaside girl"), from N.OS PROJECT, the line comes in one-piece and bikini types with two different color variations for each.

Let's take a look:

One-Piece Sailor Beachwear

Black collar with red ribbon

Price: 17,820 JPY (inc. tax)

For peace of mind, the skirt is a bit on the long side but its design still creates a beautiful leggy silhouette. The "sailor line" is flared to create a soft and cute impression.

White collar with white ribbon

Price: 17,820 JPY (inc. tax)

According to the press release, this one-piece is for those times when you "want to show off your figure but want to hide it too."

Two-Piece (Bikini) Sailor Beachwear

White collar and navy skirt

Price: 17,820 JPY (inc. tax)

A classical red braided ribbon adds a cute accent while the form-fitting underwire cup bra provides stability.

Navy collar and white skirt

Price: 17,820 JPY (inc. tax)

By extending the collar flap into a halter neck, the design allows the fabric to move freely in a sea breeze while creating a sexy look in the back with no shoulder strap.

You can get more detailed information on this kawaii beachwear line at Village Vanguard's online shop. Stock is dwindling, so you may want to act quickly.

By - Ben K.