The Pokemon franchise is unstoppable and the land that birthed the phenomenon, Japan, is the number one place to catch all the Pokemon goods you could ever dream of. (You can even propose to your loved one with a Pokemon wedding ring!)

But, even if you don't live in Japan, this new awesome line of smart phone and electronics accessories, which is the second collaboration between Pokemon and CASETiFY, will be available worldwide.

Every serious Pokemon trainer knows the annoyance of finding some cool Poke-merchandise, only to realise your absolute favourite Pokemon isn't included. A pain which will felt more often the more obscure your pick is.

CASETiFY are not only allowing the customer to pick any of the first generation 151 Pokemon, but you can also customise the case further by choosing from 'night' or 'day', making it either black, colourful or transparent to match your personal style.

Not just phone cases, the line extends to Macbook cases, wireless chargers, iPod cases, AirPod holders and card holders.

CASETiFY’s first line of Pokemon-themed customisable cases sold out, but the waiting list is now open for this round. Check out their website to apply.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.