As cute, large eyed creatures, Moomins were always sure to be a hit in Japan, the home of kawaii culture. Despite being a Scandinavian creation, there's plenty of spots where fans of the rotund creatures can find a slice of Moomin Valley in Japan.

There are Moomin Cafes which will famously sit you with a Moomin friend for company if you dine there alone. But for a more casual experience, there are also several branches around the country of Moomin Stand. This drinks stand themed after the well-loved Finnish trolls sells adorable beverages with Moomin motifs.

Apart from just the Moomin designs on the plastic cup, the straws are modelled on a long, white character from the series, the Hattifatteners.

The tapioca balls in their range of bubble teas are called ‘Hattifattener seeds’, in reference to the seeds the strange white creatures grow from in the story. There’s two flavours available, Hattifattener berry and Hattifattener caramel.

The Moomin Stand is about to add two new drinks to their usual line up just for the summer.

The first beverage, a watermelon flavour slush, is cleverly arranged to actually look like a watermelon, using the black Hattifattener caramel tapioca as the watermelon seeds.

The new mixed berry soda is complemented perfectly by the berry flavoured Hattifattener seeds.

These limited time only drinks will be available from 5th July onwards. But if just a Moomin-themed beverage isn't enough to quench your die-hard fan thirst for Moominosity, check out the Moomin Valley theme park which has opened up near Tokyo!

List of Moomin Stand locations

By - Jess.