Media personality and fashion entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West found herself on the receiving end of heavy criticism last week after she announced plans for a new lineup of shapewear. While clearly a pun on the reality TV star's name, many were upset at her trademark filings for the use of the word mark “kimono”, and took the underwear as an affront to the traditional Japanese garment--which they share little resemblance with.

In Japan, kimono are revered with special cultural significance, worn at many important and ceremonial events, such as graduations, weddings, funerals, or one's "coming of age day" and passed down through family generations. Kardashian West soon found herself under fire from many in Japan who felt it was a degradation of the traditional formal wear by attempting to re-brand it as an underwear lineup.

The Mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, even took to Facebook hoping to educate the designer on the traditional importance of Kyoto, as well as ask her to reconsider.

It appears the calls to rethink the idea have reached Kardashian West, as she recently announced on her social media accounts that she would not be pursuing her plans to use kimono as a brand name at all, and would announce an entirely different name for the product lineup. Her statement can be read below:

By - Big Neko.