Hello Kitty themed cafes boasting adorable character dishes are nothing new. The ever-beloved icon of cute has been lending her likeness to a litany of menu items over the years, especially in 2019, the year of Kitty-chan’s 45th anniversary.

But at 45 years young, Hello Kitty doesn’t always stay inside the restrictive box of kawaii sweetness, sometimes she plays it avant garde (like during her foul mouthed DJ sets…), as is evident in her latest cafe collaboration with the Kawaii Monster Cafe of Harajuku.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the very image of Harajuku’s sickly saccharine aesthetic, which takes cuteness to such an extreme that it becomes twisted. It devours all the pretty colours, the bows, the hearts, and spits them back out to create a veritable hallucination of a restaurant. The theme has infected every inch of the décor, the food and even the fashion of the staff.

The versatile Hello Kitty fits right in with the Kawaii Monster Cafe’s psychedelic charms, appearing in several limited time only menu items and her very own themed room called the Mel-Tea Hello Kitty Room which looks like a rainbow vomited all over it.

Hello Kitty x Kawaii Monster Cafe Food Menu

Colourful Pop Burger Hello Kitty Burger (1680 yen)

Hello Kitty’s Harajuku Rainbow Curry (1580 yen)

Hello Kitty x Kawaii Monster Cafe Dessert and Drink Menu

Harajuku x Kawaii x Kitty’s Cheerful Pancakes - The Sigh of an Apple (1580 yen)

Harajuku Decora Ice Cream (1080 yen)

Harajuku Decorap Cake (1180 yen)

Harajuku x Kawaii x Kitty’s Sweets-go-round Cake (1480 yen)

Harajuku Kawaii Poison Parfait (2480 yen)

Hello Kitty’s Decorative Shake – Apple Pie Flavour (980 yen)

The collaboration includes exclusive goods as well as the eye-popping dishes and the Mel-Tea Hello Kitty Room. It will run from 12th July to 1st September 2019. Check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku website for more information.

By - Jess.