Confectionery is an art, and there’s plenty of Japanese sweets artists who take this art to new heights of cuteness.

One such creative, is Nao (@nao2748), who uploads much of her amazing work to Instagram where she has accumulated over twenty thousand followers.

Some of her latest treats come in the form of these adorable rabbit jellies. But they don’t just look pretty, thanks to their gelatinous forms they can also appear to be animated.

When the plate is shook, the jelly rabbits wobble making it look as though they’re wolfing down the fruits in front of them.

These albino rabbits have been paired with tiny watermelon slices which match their adorable little pink eyes and ears. Thanks to the blue jelly underneath them, the bunnies look like they’re enjoying the summer treat while having a dip in the pool.

She’s also made grey rabbits that chow down on strawberries.

Nao has made a plethora of gorgeous sweets and dishes which range from super adorable characters, to more realistic depictions.

Check out her Instagram for more mouthwatering and cute desserts!

By - Jess.