The best selling Godzilla Humidifier by Shine Co., Ltd was so popular it ended up winning a Japan Characters Award. While the King of the Monsters is a formidable foe, Pokémon's electrifying icon is no slouch either. That's why Shine is releasing a new Pokémon-themed gadget, this time responsive and soft-to-touch Pikachu light that basically functions as your own Pika-pet.

As the video above shows, the Pikachu Puni Light (Pikachu Squishy Light) has multiple features. It's bubbly texture responds to touch so you can activate three different mood lightning modes, and the light will also call out to you in Pikachu's adorably iconic voice. If you leave Pikachu alone for a while, it'll simulate an electric shock attack and light up. Of course, you can toggle off the voice and sound when you just want a squishy light up Pikachu pet.

You can also turn on a dance mode, which will let Pikachu wiggle and dance around if you play music for it.

That's not their only new Pika-product, however. If you'd prefer a Pikachu pet you can put to work, they're also releasing a Pikachu table-top cleaner, who very appropriately rides on top of a Pokéball vacuum.

The table top cleaner has a sensor that changes direction if Pikachu bumps into objects or feels it is about to fall, and will spin in a circle confused if you press your finger down on its head.

Both the squishy Pikachu light (9,698 yen) and Pikachu-riding-on-a-Pokéball table top cleaner (3,780 yen) are set to be released in the latter half of July throughout Japan at a number of toy stores and online retailers. Those looking to purchase from overseas should keep an eye out on Amazon, where Shine goods are often sold.

By - Big Neko.