Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is one of the historical symbols of the county. Its snow capped form is instantly recognisable and has been applied to a whole host of souvenir items such as jellies and even soy sauce dishes.

But with this new piece of stationery, you’ll have to wait until you can finally reveal the mountain’s full majesty.

These erasers are a special edition version of PLUS Stationery’s 'Air-in' range and only a limited number will be sold.

The two-tone erasers are sold in the standard cuboid shape and don’t look that special at first. But as you slowly wear the rubber down with use, Mount Fuji will be revealed.

PLUS Stationery claim that this eraser will make even erasing your mistakes fun, as every error brings you closer to your very own little Fuji-san.

There’s two colours available, the classic cool blue we’re used to seeing, and also a fiery red which brings to mind dramatic sunset Mount Fuji images.

They will go on sale from 10th July 2019 costing 200 yen. Have a look at PLUS Stationery's website for more information.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.