Ciao Churu is a type of cat treat which comes in a long stick that can be squeezed by the owner, letting out a little of the puree at a time. Basically, it’s a way to make your cat interact with you for a long time instead of devouring the snack in an instant and running away.

But as it turns out, the treat is worryingly addictive and can turn even the sweetest little kittens into ferocious beasts securing their prey.

This kitten is just 3 months old, but even the owner can’t get the treat back from the cats vice-like grip.

I was attacked by a wild animal.

There's definitely something crazy in Ciao Churu that can turn a three month old kitten ferocious...

The owner struggles for over one minute, even shaking the cat, but she won't give it up. The kitten scratches the owner's hand viciously, all the while growls emanate which would be more fitting of a wild beast than a domestic kitten.

The video left the owner and plenty of people on Twitter wondering, just what the heck is in those cat treats?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.