When Japanese doughnut fans aren't enjoying their wave of exclusive Krispy Kreme flavors, you can find many of them enjoying what they often praise as the subtle and not overly sweet taste of those offered at national chain Mister Donut. Despite having a modestly sweet reputation, Mister Donut isn't afraid to experiment with their pastries, having delighted customers in the past with matcha and red bean doughnut sandwiches and annual sakura flavor release.

Their latest seasonal lineup is a collaboration that combines their own classic donuts with the signature item of popular patisserie Mon Cher in what the chain is calling the Ronut: a doughnut topped with a slice of creamy roll cake.

Mont Cher's famous Dojima Roll roll cakes have a fluffy and buttery exterior wrapped around a serving of whipped cream made from carefully selected milk in Hokkaido. The spongey texture and refreshing center have been a hit with sweets fans across Japan for quite a while.

The Dojima Roll Ronut and Dojima Prince Ronut (a chocolate cream version of the original) are the two leading ronuts in Mister Donut's newest batch of doughnut creations.

If you have your ronut fill, Mister Donut is also offering three new doughnuts to go with them.

Strawberry de Double Cream (cream cheese and milk cream filling, topped with strawberry glaze coating and white chocolate)

Dojima Milk Cream (powdered doughnut sandwich of milk cream and chocolate chunk)

Orange de Double Cream (cream cheese and milk cream with orange and chocolate glaze

The full lineup will be available starting July 5th at Mister Donut shops in Japan for a limited time.

By - Big Neko.