When R&K Japan and Taiwanese goods retailer teamed up to mix traditional glass artistry with adorable pet aesthetics, tables around the world got a lot cuter with bubbly cat and shiba inu drinking glasses. Just when we thought the collaboration's glassware collection couldn't get any better, they've added a new item to their lineup inspired by the signature scarves that many Japanese dog lovers wrap around their beloved shiba.

The handmade blown double glass walls give each cup a bubbly and rounded canine figure, allowing your drink to fill out a liquid shiba inu sculpture, and can handle both hot and cold drinks. The red scarf shiba glass is clear, letting you fill out its coat with whatever color your beverage provides. The green scarf shiba is actually a subtle shade of brown, allowing you to have a darker base to work with. As we've introduced before, the bubbly shiba glasses are also available with a dog collar.

The scarf-wearing shiba inu, as well as previous entries in the series, are available (international shipping as well) from Goodglass fro 3,200 yen. Cheers!

By - Big Neko.