The kotatsu is a winter fixture in many Japanese homes. When the weather starts getting chilly, the heated table covered in a blanket becomes a heavenly refuge from the cold.

But it seems it’s not only humans who long for the warm comfort of the kotatsu, and then keenly feel its absence when summer rolls around.

This great Pyrenees dog called Alain pleads with his owner to keep the kotatsu out just a little bit longer in this adorable video uploaded to YouTube by his owners.

You would think his big fluffy coat would keep him warm enough, but when his owner starts tidying the kotatsu away at the end of winter, he staunchly refuses to let her take it.

The owner placates Alain with some petting and manages to convince him to step off the kotatsu in the end. He then looks forlornly at the camera while she collects the blankets.

Don't worry Alain, it'll be winter again before you know it! But until then, with Japan's hot and humid weather, you probably won't miss the kotatsu at all...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.