Japan's current bubble tea boom has gone in some interesting directions, including the introduction of tapioca beer and a viral challenge to balance bubble tea on your breasts. Fortunately, The Pokémon Company and bubble tea store Sweet Dynasty are teaming up for a lineup of Pokémon-themed bubble teas!

The Pokémon meets Sweet Dynasty Hong Kong Bubble Tea Drink Bar menu will be welcoming a variety of adorable and tasty bubble tea Pokemon concoctions this summer, including:

Pikachu mango bubble tea smoothie

Eevee milk bubble tea

Pikachu melon soda bubble tea

Bulbasaur matcha bubble tea

Mew bubble tea watermelon smoothie

Pikachu bubble tea rainbow soda

The Pokémon-themed menu will be available starting July 17th and will run throughout the summer at Sweet Dynasty shops all over Japan. A limited edition pop-up store located in the Takashimaya department store (next to Tokyo's newest Pokémon cafe) will also offer them from July 10th-16th, and July 31st to August 13th. Gotta catch all the bubble tea this summer!

By - Big Neko.