Starbucks Japan has built up quite the resume of delicious Frappuccino flavors, including a popular pudding a la mode one modeled after the menu of a traditional Japanese coffee house. Now as a follow-up to their summer yogurt frapp, they're getting customers ready for their summer beach trips with the new juicy "Peach on the Beach Frappuccino".

The "Peach on the Beach Frappuccino" uses a mixture of fresh peach sauce, peach juice, and a chunky peach puree to recreate the texture and flavor of biting into a whole peach, topped with a healthy dollop of whipped cream. It'll be available at Starbucks throughout Japan from July 18th to August 29th (620 yen for a tall size), and should provide some sweet refreshment during the peak of Japan's hot and humid summer!

By - Big Neko.