If you like novelty hotel rooms, Japan is a great place to stay. There’s themed accommodation like the Hello Kitty or shiba inu rooms, or even a hotel staffed exclusively by robots.

In the pursuit of ultimate luxury, you may even find some cool facilities in your room like a karaoke machine, or perhaps a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator.

Only joking, you won’t just happen to chance upon a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. If you want to experience what it’s like to pilot one of those babies, you’ll have to try out the ‘Superior Cockpit Room’ that has been set up in the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.

The special hotel room has been made as part of celebrations for the hotel’s 15th anniversary. The simulator is full size and includes all the trappings of the actual plane.

Fees for the room start from 25,300 yen per night for the double room, where you can enjoy the scenery as seen through the cockpit windows.

If you want to try out the flight simulator though, you have to book a 90 minute session with an instructor who can help you become a top pilot in no time... well a simulator pilot anyway. At 30,000 yen, these sessions aren't cheap but will surely provide a genuine thrill for plane otaku.

Either of these plans can be booked online on the hotel's website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.