As the super popular anime, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) enters its final story arc, a few different special events have been popping up such as the exhibition and collaboration cafe in Tokyo.

But if you want a more hands-on activity, you can experience what it’s like to join the series’ elite titan-killing force, the Survey Corps, and defend humanity from the humongous humanoid terrors.

Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest is an amusement park located by Lake Sagami in Kanagawa prefecture and the beautiful natural surroundings lend themselves to their adventure-style attractions. Namely, the multi-storied structure called the Muscle Monster, which allows you to climb, jump and use your athletic skills to make it to the top and enjoy the mountainous landscape.

For the Attack on Titan collaboration, the Muscle Monster is becoming the scene of an epic titan battle.

The structure itself will have some special Attack on Titan decorations, and official photos that are taken will have the characters superimposed into the frame as if you're fighting alongside your favourite members of the Survey Corps. Life-size character and scene photo spots will also be set up around the attraction.

You can immerse yourself in the fantasy even more by using their AR feature on your smartphone to reveal the titans which are rearing their ugly heads over the surrounding mountains!

Once you overcome the Shingeki no Coliseum, there's some Attack on Titan themed food to be had.

And super Shingeki no Kyojin fans will also want to get their hands on the exclusive crossover merchandise.

The Attack on Titan event will run from 20th July to 30th August 2019. But even if you miss it, the park is just over an hour away from Shinjuku station and is a fun day trip for adrenaline junkies!

Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.