If you've ever had fantasies of being a feudal lord in Japan and living the castle life, you may have your chance as Hirado Castle in Nagasaki prefecture is set to offer nightly stays, a first in Japan, city officials say.

In an effort to attract more visitors from abroad to Hirado Castle, the two-story Kaiju Yagura turret of the castle will be featuring lodging facilities for overnight guests, Sankei reports. The turret has been used for storage and exhibition in the past, but will be renovated into "first rate" guest rooms with a goal of opening next year.

The castle was dismantled by imperial decree in Meiji Era (1868-1912), but calls by locals lead to the castle being rebuilt, including steel-reinforced concrete of the main keep (which houses artifacts of the castle's ruling Matsura Clan), and three other turrets.

The castle's seaside view is bound to please pretend feudal lords staying the night.

The Asahi reports that plans to offer lodging came about when the city government held a competition to win an overnight stay for couples in the castle, and was met with roughly 7,400 applications, half of which were from overseas.

While no price has been announced so far, city officials are asking the collaborating managing company for one that doesn't compete with local hotels in Hirado.

Hirado Castle cracked the top 100 list of castles in Japan by the Japan Castle Federation back in 2006.

By - Big Neko.