Japan has been going through a relentless rainy season for the past month, and these unusual circumstances have resulted in an unsettling discovery.

This slimy and strange creature was spotted chilling out on the quiet streets of Kyoto. A being which bears an uncanny resemblance to Dart, Dustin's monstrous pet in Stranger Things.

Source: tamepond

But the passerby (@tamepond) wasn’t alarmed, as they recognised it as a protected species, the Japanese giant salamander, rather than some sort of unknown monster from the depths. The second largest salamander species in the world, it’s a surprising sight to see on the road since they are entirely aquatic.

Due to the rainfall, the water levels at a nearby river had risen, which is probably what caused this very rare discovery of a salamander on the streets.

Source: tamepond

If you happen to come across a Japanese giant salamander, it’s actually illegal to unnecessarily touch or move it due to it's protected status. You should also keep a safe distance because they have been known to bite. In this case, the finder alerted the police and the salamander was safely returned to his natural habitat.

By - Jess.