Several temporary Sailor Moon themed cafes have appeared and disappeared in major Japanese cities over the years. The ultimate magical girl anime has legions of passionate fans who will queue for hours just to take a bite of burger shaped like Luna the black cat’s head.

Although these previous cafes were an undeniable success, the latest Sailor Moon eatery that has been announced has a world’s first twist to thrill wannabe sailor scouts even more.

The first ever Sailor Moon show restaurant is opening in Tokyo from 15th August. Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo is located in Azabu Juban, the real-life setting of many scenes from the animated series.

The establishment will of course boast exclusive Sailor Moon themed menu items and merchandise, but the stage show will completely immerse customers in the world of Sailor Moon.

The menu, cast and more information about show times are all available on the website. Tickets go on sale from 21st July, and considering the popularity of previous Sailor Moon themed restaurants, it might be wise to reserve as early as possible!

By - Jess.