From Jasmine kimono to Aladdin themed desserts, Japan has been thoroughly celebrating the classic animated film’s live action remake, with all manner of goods. Despite Disney being an import, Japan still somehow manages to have the coolest themed stuff that can make fans all over the world jealous.

A restaurant in Tokyo is currently running an Aladdin inspired afternoon tea extravaganza for the summer.

The delicious looking spectacle includes savoury and sweet treats arranged on the classic afternoon tea tiered plates.

The savoury portion of the course includes seasonal salads, soup and also in a (vague) nod to the Middle Eastern setting of Aladdin, keema curry croquettes and tandoori chicken pita sandwiches.

The sugary confections are beautifully decorated, using inspiration from various motifs and themes from the film itself. There’s a tiger chocolate banana tart, magic lamp cookies, and Jasmine tea cupcakes. The sweets take up residence on the three-tiered stand, all in bright, Arabian nights inspired colours.

Afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without a few scones, which are also provided along with various delicious jams and toppings. The customer can also enjoy an all-you-can-drink service including over twenty varieties of coffee and tea.

The special afternoon tea is currently available in three restaurants in Tokyo and the surrounding area. Hoping to set the scene like those hotter than hot Arabian nights, the course will only be available during summertime until September 1st.

Vino Buono, Aoyama

Ristorante Mangiare, Yokohama

Cafe and Restaurant Shikitei, Saitama

By - grape Japan editorial staff.