Last week we introduced the ‘Neko Cup’, a life aide which will finally help you create the peaceful world you’ve always dreamed of. One filled with cats.

Just the sight of a sleepy kitty napping is enough to soothe our very souls, washing away all the stress we build up in our daily lives. For this reason, the creators, a Japanese brand called Ash Koncent, have created a mould in the shape of a prone feline which can be used to create a cat sculpture wherever you go.

The Neko Cup can be used for sand, snow or dirt to create your own legion of sleeping cats. Even if you just stay inside, it also makes an adorable decorative item.

But aside from the obvious uses, the designer responsible for the creation, Yuka Mori, has also been flaunting the stranger possible applications of the products.

If you’re a feline fan who likes to cook, there’s endless ways to use the Neko Cup in your culinary adventures.

The sleepy cat fried rice would be a crowd-pleaser at any party.

Then a sleepy cat jelly for dessert, how could you go wrong?

Any food can be Neko Cup-ified, the only limit is our own imaginations… and some laws of physics.

By - Jess.