Japanese miniature artist Miyuki Kobayashi carefully handcrafts her miniature artwork, and does so with making 1/12 size reproductions that look "more real than the ring thing". While it's an ambitious goal, one look at her amazing miniature goldfish pond and aquarium models may convince you that it's not that far stretched.

Kobayashi doesn't use any molds, and crafts each clay fish and sculpture by hand, reflecting the uniqueness of individual fish in the real world. Despite the limitations of each figure's size, she beautifully recreates goldfish swimming in aquariums and Japanese-style ponds. While Kobayashi doesn't do any online retail, she displays her works at art events such as the upcoming Keio Dollhouse Exhibit in Shinjuku (July 25th-July 31st). Those in Japan can also order some work from Village Vanguard's online store.

Otherwise, here are some samples of her gorgeous miniatures.

By - Big Neko.