When it comes to affairs, it isn't difficult to find stories online of people who were confident that "nobody will find out," only to have their partner walk in on them.

According to Japanese Twitter user @ochapandochine, the proud owner of two cats called Chip and Figaro, her daughter recently found the two felines looking very much like a couple in mid-affair caught in a compromising position.

Caught red-pawed

Here's the "incriminating evidence" @ochapandochine posted to her Twitter account:

With black-and-white cat Figaro on top in what looks like a gentle embrace, red tabby Chip's body language and shocked expression is priceless.


Some of the comments reacting to this hilarious snapshot included:

"What on earth were those two doing, I wonder..."

"Uh... Looks like you interrupted them."

"I feel like saying: 'You dorobō-neko!'" [泥棒猫 (literally "thieving cat") is a woman who consciously and maliciously steals a man from his wife]

"My mind must be dirty. I can only think of parents caught in the act by their kid..."
To which @ochapandochine replied: "I have a dirty mind too. They're both boys, so it's all about BL (boys' love) for me :D"

If you'd like to see more photos of Chip and Figaro, you can follow @ochapandochine on Twitter.

By - Ben K.