Kizuna AI's music

The world's most popular Virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI, continues to impress with her musical achievements. Her first single "Hello, Morning" (July 2018) reached the top spot on Spotify's viral chart ranking for Japan, but then she really got noticed from October, when she embarked on a 9-week streak of nine original songs produced by Yunomi, Avec Avec, Nor, Pa's Lam System, TeddyLoid, MATZ, DÉ DÉ MOUSE and Taku Takahashi, all of which grabbed the top spot on the iTunes store electronic music chart. She closed the year with a 2-day concert, a first for a virtual performer, "Kizuna AI 1st Live 'hello, world'".

You could say that 2019 is her musical breakout year, with her first album "hello, world" released in May, collaborations with Dutch DJ and producer duo W&W on "W&W feat. Kizuna AI - The Light," Yasutaka Nakata on the single "AIAIAI feat. Yasutaka Nakata," and her appearance announced for Summer Sonic 2019 in August.

"Sky High"

First revealed on June 30th at Kizuna AI's third birthday celebration "A.I. Party! 2019 ~ hello, how r u?~", Kizuna AI's 12th single "Sky High" was greeted enthusiastically by fans. As the third collaboration with producer Yunomi following "future base" and "new world," the dreamy yet powerful anthem had no problem topping the iTunes store electronic music chart (as of June 30th, 2019).

Music Video

On July 15th, fans finally were treated to an exciting teaser video featuring Kizuna AI in silhouette showing off some sharp dance moves in front of the futuristic logo of the song's title highlighted in yellow neon light:

The highly anticipated official music video for the song was finally released on July 22:

In contrast to her previous video for "AIAIAI feat. Yasutaka Nakata," where the virtual diva is seen performing together with human dancers, this time she is alone, giving an emotional and powerful performance, as the lyrics of the song appear as digital text on her arms and face.

Song Information

  • Name: "Sky High (Prod. Yunomi) - Kizuna AI"
  • Release Date: June 30th
  • Price: 250 JPY
  • Label: upd8 music
  • iTunes Store
  • Google Play

Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement by Yunomi

By - Ben K.