In the past few years, you have heard of the seemingly eternal, but adorable conflict a lone security guard at the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan has found himself locked in. The security guard isn't actually troubled by thieves seeking valuable works of art, but instead an endless barrage of cats who are very eager to enter the museum and admire its galleries. Funnily enough, the intruding feline art snobs first began their antics when a cat-themed art exhibit opened up at the museum.

But it seems the art loving kitties are as inexorable as the tide, and even to this day, the overwhelmed security guard must be on the constant lookout for cats who try to sneak into the museum without paying--particularly Ken-chan, a black cat who seems to be the most persistent of the bunch.

Over the years, Ken-chan has added some deception to his sneaking skills, however. In the video below he employs what the museum is calling a "feint", wooing the security guard by rubbing up against his leg--then making his way for the door when least suspected.

You'll be happy to know that Ken-chan and the guard aren't always at odds. Even when turning the stubborn cat away, the two have developed a friendly bond--perhaps out respect for one another.

Including a warm welcome to his morning shift!

The guard has actually been fairly close to Ken-chan for two years, even visiting him when he's not trying to break in.

Although Ken-chan may be a bit embarassed to have their friendship revealed on video.

By - Big Neko.