There are many ways to express how excited you are for an upcoming trip through the medium of nail art. Maybe a summery colour scheme, or a flag themed set of nails would do the trick. Or like this Japanese nail artist, you can get inspired by the best part of holidays. The food.

In a surreal but impressive tribute to one of Hiroshima’s specialty foods, the nail artist adorned her fingers with super realistic oyster art, as she prepared for an upcoming trip.

Source: colors_ai

If you’re curious about how these mollusk themed creations were made, the artist has some videos on her Twitter showing the painstaking process.

Among general photos of her fun times in Hiroshima, she also posted what can only be described as the moment of truth...

...the real life comparison between her fishy nails and the actual seafood itself, Hiroshima oysters.

For more amazing food art adorned fingers, as well as some super cute anime nail designs, follow colors_ai on Twitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.