The growing Japanese market for "function-added" foods

In April 2015, the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan introduced a new system called Foods with Function Claims (kinosei hyōji shokuhin) 機能性表示食品 to cover new foods with additional nutritional claims. These are clearly labelled to have specific nutritional functions based on verified scientific evidence. Together with the previously established "Tokuho" system (short for tokutei hoken-yō shokuhin 特定保健用食品 or Foods with Special Health Qualities), this has resulted in a increase in value-added foods on the Japanese market in recent years.

"Hataraku Atama ni" (For minds at work) series

When it comes to the beverage industry, drinks with properties which lower cholesterol, help reduce blood sugar or body fat are the most common ones found in convenience stores and supermarkets. Now, Asahi Beverages has developed a line of beverages containing an ingredient proven to enhance the brain's ability to focus on work.

The series is called "Hataraku atama ni" (For minds at work) 「はたらくアタマに」

The key ingredient imparting this function to this drink series is lactononadecapeptide (NIPPLTQTPVVVPPFLQPE), a peptide developed by Asahi Beverages's cognitive research division and derived from milk fermented with the Lactobacillus helveticus bacterium which is responsible for the yogurt taste in the popular Calpis beverage.

In verified tests, middle-aged human subjects who ingested a regular dose of Lactononadecapeptide (NIPPLTQTPVVVPPFLQPE) once a day for eight weeks maintained their powers of concentration (as measured in the speed and accuracy of office work). Moreover, subjects who ingested it once a day for twelve weeks were able to maintain efficiency in performing calculations.

Product lineup

For the time being, the "Hataraku atama ni" series is composed of the following:

  • 「はたらくアタマに」ラクトノナデカペプチドドリンク (Hataku atama ni ~ Lactononadecapeptide Drink), 100 ml, MSRP 128 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 09/10/19
  • 「『ワンダ』はたらくアタマに/アシスト」ブラック ("Wonda Hataraku atama ni ~ Assist" Black) {canned coffee}, 400 g, MSRP 140 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 09/10/19
  • 「はたらくアタマに」抹茶ラテ ("Hataraku atama ni" Matcha Latte), 370 g, MSRP 150 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 09/10/19
  • 「はたらくアタマに」抹茶ラテ ("Hataraku atama ni" Matcha Latte), 260 g, MSRP 139 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 09/10/19
  • 「はたらくアタマに/サポートカルピス」 ("Hataraku atama ni" Support Calpis), 500 ml, MSRP 150 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 10/15/19
  • 「はたらくアタマに/Welch's(ウェルチ)」スマートスタート ("Hataraku atama ni ~ Welch's" Smart Start, 430 ml, MSRP 140 JPY (excl. tax), on sale from 10/15/19

By - Ben K.