Spring, exam season, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, you name it, Kit Kat Japan have specially flavoured chocolate bars for every occasion.

They’ve released over 350 types of Kit Kat so far, and have become famous worldwide for their regional and seasonal specialty bars, only available in Japan.

In preparation for the coming autumn months, they’ve revealed this year’s hearty offerings, inspired by some of Japan’s favourite fall treats.

They will go on sale from 19th August which seems a bit early for an autumn product, but perhaps buying sweet potato chocolate bars is a form of escapism for people suffering through the summer heat.

The sweet potato Kit Kats' subtle potato-y flavour will be found in both the white chocolate which coats the whole bar, and between the wafers. They will be sold in packs of 11 mini Kit Kats for 500 yen.

The other flavour making up the seasonal duo is chestnut which follows the same pattern as the sweet potato one, covered in white chocolate, but this time with a mild sweet chestnut taste. They will be available in packs of 12 for 500 yen, but there will also be convenience store exclusive sets of 3 for 120 yen.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.