These stunning photos were taken by a Japanese photographer (@tajiri0917) on the Gono line in Northern Japan, but many comparisons have been made between these shots and famous anime scenes.

Source: tajiri0917

The train line is a favourite of arresting scenery-seekers. It connects Akita prefecture with Aomori in north Japan, and stretches along the coast, allowing for beautiful views of the Sea of Japan.

Source: tajiri0917

Luckily this section of the train was completely void of passengers, adding to the photograph’s mysterious vibes.

The beautiful shots reminded some commenters of the wistful train scene from Ghibli’s Spirited Away.

Source: tajiri0917

Other comparisons were made to the quintessentially Japanese scenery from Matoko Shinkai’s exploits, such as Your Name and Weathering with You, which are often set to a dramatically colourful sunset.

If you're ever in northern Japan, it could be worth going out of your way to hop on the Gono line to experience these beautiful sea views for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.