Art can be found all around us in nature, and someone who seems to understand that better than most is inori (@kusabanaasobi), a Japanese artist who uses only natural materials to create her masterpieces.

She works with found materials from the natural environment, such as leaves and flowers. She folds, rips and binds them together to create amazing artwork.

These adorable fuzzy bunnies were made using dandelion clocks (dandelions that have gone to seed) and haretail grass. The soft and delicate seeds are the perfect material to use to portray fluffy white rabbits.

Source: kusabanaasobi

Because the dandelion clocks are so delicate, she dried them first to ensure they keep their round shape. She used the stalks of the haretail grass for whiskers and added seeds for beady black eyes.

Source: kusabanaasobi

If you want to know more about her process, or even give it a try yourself, she uploads videos on Twitter that show just how she creates such awesome works.

And if you’re really into it, she even has some books out on the subject in a series called 'Kusabana Asobi' which means fun with flowers and grass.

The white rabbits may arguably be inori's cutest work, but for more elaborate and amazingly detailed pieces, check out her Twitter!

By - Jess.