Summer in Japan can be grueling, with a combination of heat and humidity often overwhelming the most seasoned travelers, with cases of heatstroke and dehydration occurring often. So as you can imagine, it's quite easy for those who live in Japan to rack up quite the air conditioning bill. While not entirely a new concept, Sony is hoping to alleviate some of the burden of Japan's cruel summers with a wearable air conditioning device, which users can control via a smartphone app.

The device is called Reon Pocket, and was initially announced on Sony's crowdfunding site where it has already passed its goal. The Reon Pocket is sold together with a shirt equipped with a pocket, conveniently located on just below the neck, to insert the portable air conditioning unit. Users can adjust the temperature from their smartphone, providing cooling in hot weather and heating during colder seasons.

The unit lasts around 90 minutes and requires a two hour charging period. Currently, the minimum crowdfunding contribution (14,080 yen) provides one unit and one shirt.

By - Big Neko.