Every once in a while you stumble upon artwork so realistic no number of double-checks will convince you otherwise, such as amazing food art we were disappointed to learn we couldn't actually eat. 18-year-old Japanese artist Haru Otomi may have introduced a new wrinkle into the the realistic illustration mix, however, with this incredibly realistic cat illustration that we wish we could pet!

Haru tweeted out the illustration, and as you can imagine, many were surprised to learn that the super fluffy looking cat was an illustration.

If you still can't believe it, @huwahuwa1_25, proived a step by step "making of" process.

And even a video!

It's frustrating that we can't pet a cat this cute, but here's hoping that @huwahuwa1_25's creations can come to life--just look at their tiger!

By - Big Neko.