The innovative Japan-exclusive Frappuccinos inspire envy from Starbucks fans the world over. At any given time, there will be a special, limited time only beverage which usually complements the time of the year with seasonal flavours and motifs.

The s’mores Frappuccino first turned up in 2017, then for last year’s summer offering, they mixed it up a bit by adding a more Japanese flavour to the American classic, matcha green tea. It’s the connection between s’mores and camping that has made them a summer treat in the eyes of Starbucks Japan.


Now it’s back again, with a different accent to thrill our taste buds.

After the rich green tea flavour of yesteryear, this time they will quell the overwhelming sweetness of the marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker combo with a ‘bitter’ caramel sauce.

The Caramel S'more Frappuccino will go on sale from 7th August and will set you back 590 yen.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.