Shinrashinge is an artist that has gained plenty of attention online for his amazing animations which combine drawing with amazing paper art skills (as well as a deft hand to make sure it runs smoothly) to tell surprising and engaging stories. He has used flipbooks, paper cups and set pieces before to create the work, which seems to get more and more ambitious every time.

His stories have been moving in the past, but this time he seems to have gone all out trying to tug on our heartstrings with a tearjerker of a scrolling animation.

The video starts off with him showing the genius construction that he has made to showcase the animation. He used paper and pencils to create what looks like a movie theatre screen which is controlled by twisting the pencils to move the story along. The structure itself looks complex, but very simple tools and materials were used to create it. According to the artist he only needed paper, card, a clear file, four pencils, a pen, glue, a cutter and some tape.

The first few frames come into view setting the scene of an elderly couple at home, the wife caring for her frail husband who has dementia.

In the end, the couple hold hands just like they used to, showing their love still burns the same, however many years pass. The post has been flooded with comments that praise the high quality of the project, but there's also many claiming that the moving piece has left them crying, some said that the tears won't stop.

The artist also uploaded a video showing how the animation looks from behind.

To learn more about how he made this mini masterpiece, watch the artist's video explainer that might even help you make your own paper animation!

If you love becoming a teary mess over paper art animations, watch the artist’s previous flipbook animation about an overworked salary man.

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By - Jess.