One of Japan’s most visually arresting festivals, Nebuta (or Neputa) Matsuri takes place in Aomori prefecture in August every year. Beautiful and humungous laterns intricately constructed with washi paper are mounted on floats and paraded through the nighttime streets. They are pushed by groups of locals and accompanied by singing, instruments and dancing.

The 2019 festival which spanned the first week of the month is just coming to an end now.

Alongside the traditional floats are some lanterns made to promote brands and products, as well as showcase famous characters.

One of the favourites this year was dedicated to the cat treat Ciao Churu. This is a Japanese cat treat that cats go wild for. Like, seriously wild. They love the stuff.

Although Ciao Churu had a lantern last year too, this year the addition of the dog version of the treat to the design turned plenty of heads.

Source: shouno1

The human-shaped lantern holding the treats maintains the traditional vibes in order to blend in with the others, despite the fact he is holding the very modern looking Ciao Churu tubes.

He's accompanied by a round, happy-looking cat...

Source: shouno1

...And what looks like a very startled shiba inu dog.

Source: shouno1

These treats are known to have quite an effect on animals, the paper lantern artists have captured this infamy perfectly!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.