You can't say Japan hasn't tried when it comes to creative alternatives to standard bedding. A head bed that lets you pretend that Kirby is inhaling you and even a giant impossibly comfortable bread bed at a bread festival are testaments to that. If you've been seeking out the sweet spot of a Venn diagram for noodle lovers and futon fans, however, it looks like your dream bed is here in the form of the Udon Futon--a futon that lets you wrap yourself in noodles.

Made by Goku no Kimochi (a company that specializes in "head therapy"), the udon futon is designed with the idea of ultimate comfort and adaptive posing--using the recreation of thick udon noodles as an interactive futon that can transform into an upright comforter or huggy pillow when not being used for just sleeping.

The noodle structure is actually inflated and puffy to replicate the thickness of udon noodles, and Goku no Kimochi says it provides a deeper sleep than other futons, with the feeling of being swallowed up by udon.

If you feel like wrapping yourself in the pillowy comfort of udon noodles, well, Goku no Kimochi has just the bed for you.

By - Big Neko.