It’s been 45 years since the iconic character arrived on the scene, but Hello Kitty hasn’t aged a bit. She has lent her likeness to bullet trains, hotel rooms, various kitty-shaped meals in kitty themed restaurants and a whole host of merchandise which can be seen all over Japan.

A representative character of the country’s kawaii culture, her popularity knows no bounds, and it seems people are even willing to travel to Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture just to experience Sanrio’s latest Hello Kitty venture, a Hello Kitty show restaurant which combines entertainment from various mediums with a delicious accompanying menu.

As you can see from the aerial view, the design of the exterior looks quite ostentatious in the middle of the fields, and sadly, the giant Hello Kitty face can only be seen from above.

But visitors will be greeted to other massive Kitty motifs as they enter, such as the gate.

Once inside, the Hello Kitty Dream Entertainment Show is an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza which takes place in front of a giant screen.

The Hello Kitty Dream Gallery utilises 3D holograms and media art to portray the story of Kitty-chan achieving her dream of becoming a pianist.

The menu has been designed with health and the environment in mind, using plenty of vegetables and organic produce. There are even vegan options available.

Naturally, there’s also a gift shop which sells exclusive Hello Kitty Show Box goods.

Since the price includes all the entertainment, entrance fee and the meal it’s not super cheap, and things are further complicated by the different prices depending on the time of day and whether or not you book ahead. Check out the website for prices, time slots and to reserve a table.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.