Japanese bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard has been having a lot of fun with "hyper-realistic" goods lately, with everything from giant anime masks to cat-head themed phone chargers available. Their latest entry in that category has a very specific theme, however. Super realistic cat and dog face cushions meant to recreate cats and dogs staring at you with big eyes.

The cushion series, titled Koira&Kissa (Finnish for "dog" and "cat", respectively), offers realistic (well, as realistic as giant-eyed cats and dogs can be) head-shaped pillows of eight different pets (four cat breeds and four dog breeds) to cuddle with.

Here's a breakdown of the breeds of cats and dogs featured on the cuddly cushions. Try not to stare too long or you may drown in their eyes.

Exotic Shorthair

American Shorthair




French Bulldog



Village Vanguard is currently taking reservations at their online store, with each cushion priced at 1,944 yen and slated to be shipped in late August. While Village Vanguard unfortunately only ships within Japan, those overseas can also find the cushions available on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.