Japanese digital art collective teamLab have become known for their elaborate and stunning exhibits which create an art experience like no other.

Their exhibitions in Tokyo have proved wildly popular and they have other digital art pieces that they install from time to time all over Japan, as well as some overseas.

A famous favourite of Instagrammers, teamLab’s overarching artistic philosophy of transcending borders is prevalent in all their works through the surreal and immersive worlds they create and the interactive elements that most of them possess.

The new exhibition, which is currently taking place in Mifuneyama Rakuen Park in Kyushu, plays on the borderless relationship between humans and nature, which teamLab believes is characterised by the setting itself, where the boundary between man-made garden and natural forest is ambiguous.

The park is a place of great historical significance, home to a 3000 year old sacred tree which, in its continuity, also transcends the borders of time. Through the installations, visitors are encouraged to explore the relationship between humans, nature and art. The ‘non-material’ digital media is uniquely suited to transforming nature without harming or physically affecting it in any way.

The large-scale event spreads twenty-one different artworks throughout the park in various settings such as forests, ponds and the historical ruins dotted around the area.

The name of the exhibition is ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’ and is split into 'before sunset' and 'after sunset'. The daytime displays that can be viewed are called ‘Ruins and Heritage - The Nature of Time’ and once the sun sets, the event opens up fully as ‘earth music&ecology’.

A notable installation for those who are into exploring abandoned buildings is ‘Megaliths in the Bathhouse Ruins’ which takes place in a historic bathhouse. There are also other mysterious and beautiful exhibits to be found in the area’s underground ruins. These can be observed in both day and nighttime.

But during the evening, the digital art really takes over in the natural settings with dazzling large-scale displays. Mifuneyama Rakuen Pond lights up with a multicoloured ‘Dance of Koi and Boats’.

Sacred rocks and lush valleys will also be adorned with ever-changing interactive pieces.

Have a look at teamLab’s website for full descriptions of the installations and the ideas behind them, you can also find links to snag tickets for yourself!

By - Jess.