As every cat owner knows, there really is no measure for what qualifies as the "best cat" other than if they are your own pet or not. Those that manage to achieve a level of internet celebrity, however, tend to share a particular trait--incredibly expressive faces. Grumpy, confused, sad, content, etc.--all of these seem to be defining personality traits fans assign to popular cats on Instagram due to their facial features or breed. Zuu, a super round and fluffy cat in Japan, is quickly gaining a lot of fans because of his ability to appear to be all of those things at once. It sounds hard to imagine, but one look at Zuu will convince you otherwise.

Zuu's impossibly round aesthetic is due in part to being an Exotic Longhair, but always seems to pull off a look that could be read as anything from a veteran feline ready to dish out sage wisdom to someone completely ignoring their alarm in the morning.

Zuu isn't the only cute cat in @pechanko_bocco's home, however. His feline parter in crime is Bocco, an Exotic Shorthair who is no slouch when it comes to funny faces, either.

If you want to see more of Zuu and Bocco, give @pechanko_bocco a follow on Instagram. Here are some highlights of the furry duo.

By - Big Neko.