This little crevice at the bottom of the wall has a fantastic view out of its window. For that reason, some tiny people have turned it into a cosy vacation spot…

Not really! This is a diorama created by miniature maker Mozu (@rokubunnnoichi). This artist likes to surprise people and there is a streak of cheeky humour that runs through his work.

He has started a string of works entitled ‘Kobito Series’ (Small People Series) and this is the latest installation.

If you look at the chairs, the hot water pot, the sliding paper doors, Mozu's miniature bears all the instantly recongnisable hallmarks of a room in a traditional Japanese inn.

The little details don’t just make the room look realistic, but give it a lived-in quality that really makes you believe that tiny people have visited. From the drinks on the table, to the positioning of the chairs, there’s even a tiny souvenir bag strewn on the floor.

There are also details that aren’t instantly visible. In this video, the artist opens up the miniature fridge (looking like a giant finger coming through the window) and shows that not only is there a perfect tiny replica of a drinks bottle inside, but the fridge interior actually lights up just like the real thing.

Although it looks like the room was made inside a crevice in the wall, this is just another facet of the artist’s genius. The human-sized wall and floor were also made by him, to give the illusion that the tiny people’s room was just found like that in someone’s house.

The little room even has its own window which different landscapes can be shown through. Like a relaxing view of Mount Fuji, or even something a bit more surreal like schools of fish swimming under the sea.

If you want to see in more detail how the creator achieved this impressive miniature, he also uploaded a YouTube video showing behind the scenes.

Follow Mozu on Twitter to see how the Kobito Series develops into a whole miniature world!

By - Jess.