Have you been feeling stressed recently? Rushed off your feet at work? Deadlines piling up at college? It's important to take some time to relax! If you’ve been so busy you’ve forgotten how to chill out, you need to take a master course from Tokyo’s professional lounger Hana, the shiba inu. She really knows her stuff.

First, take a nice stroll with your loved ones and remember to wear your favourite hat.

Fill up on some delicious food.

Take a hot bath.

Now you’re fully prepared for the real R and R to begin...

First, put on your cosiest onesie.

Extra points if it’s animal themed.

Or go for some stylish pyjamas if you prefer.

Bring all your plushies and cushions to the bed or sofa.

Proceed to roll around with them cutely (this part is key).

In your current hyper-relaxed state you can catch up on your favourite TV shows.

Or just doze off.

Or just nap.

Or just sleep.

It’s up to you.

If you want even more lounging inspiration from the venerable Hana Sensei, follow her Instagram account! Happy chilling!

By - Jess.