If there’s one thing Tokyo needs, it’s more buildings.

The Mori Building Company, which was responsible for the planning behind Tokyo’s upmarket Roppongi Hills area, have announced another project nearby Roppongi for the redevelopment of Toranomon and Azabudai. As part of the renovation of the area, a new skyscraper will be included that will become the highest building in Japan.

The skyscraper will be 330 metres tall, and when completed will beat out current reigning champ Abeno Harukas in Osaka, which stands at 300 metres tall.

The building will house both offices and living spaces.

But the towering skyscraper isn’t the only thing that was announced. It’s just one part of a sprawling redevelopment project which is expected to cost about 580 billion yen (around $5.4 billion).

The redevelopment will have a focus on ‘green’ and ‘wellness’, bringing an abundance of leafy enclaves to the inner-city area.

Completion of the project is scheduled to be towards the end of March 2023.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.