While Japan is often lauded for the comfort and convenience of its public transportation services, but perhaps that praise is given in hushed voices when speaking of the country's now growing "haunted taxi services". Haunted taxis tend to function as ghostly tour guides of "shinrei" spots, or areas rumored to be haunted (abandoned hotels, haunted tunnels, mysterious dead-ends, and scenes of rumored "incidents"), and one in Kyoto actually stops by the stomping grounds of a cannibalistic demon.

Now Osaka's Milight Taxi getting in on the fun, only instead of taking on ghoulish tours, they're turning their actual taxis into spooky vessels. The Haunted Taxis will be running in Osaka from August 16th to August 31st, and instead of touring haunted spots, the taxis themselves are supposedly haunted.

Drivers themselves look like Japanese ghosts that may have well just crawled out of your television. They also will forgo standard taxi driver hospitality and try to scare you during each ride.

Each cab's interior is decorated in creepy flesh-crawling fashion, and plays unsettling music during your commute.

Within each cab is also a mysterious lantern, said to contain a human soul. A total of 642 taxis will be participating, although there are no reservations--customers must just seek out specially marked taxis--assuming they don't just appear out of the darkness to spirit you away.

Standard cab fare applies, although Milight recommends not taking pictures during your ride and claims they will assume no responsibility for any "phenomenon" that occurs during your commute.

By - Big Neko.