Coca-Cola Japan have amazed us before with their beautiful seasonal bottle designs, such as their cherry blossom and new year offerings. Instead of the usual plastic coke bottle, they use an aluminum one which cleverly allows them to use the whole bottle for the design rather than just the label.

Two years ago they started a new series which pays tribute to the varied and beautiful regional areas of Japan.

Each aluminium bottle has a striking individual design incorporating the area’s name, history, culture and landmarks. Each one can only be purchased in the place itself, making it a great souvenir to pick up while on a trip. The drinks can often be purchased in souvenir gift shops or vending machines conveniently close to tourist attractions.

So far, many versions have been released, taking us from the very north of Japan in Hokkaido, to the southernmost tip in Okinawa. Most of the tourist heavy hitters have been represented, but that’s not to say that the more little known areas of Japan will go neglected. The newest addition to the line up is Yamagata prefecture.

The design shows a Hanagasa Festival dancer brandishing a safflower adorned hat. Safflowers are one of the symbols of Yamagata and they feature heavily in the festival, which is one of the main four festivals in the Tohoku region.

In the background is the nostalgia inspiring Ginzan hot springs. This gorgeous onsen village looks straight out of a Taisho era novel and looks particularly spectacular in the winter. Lastly, in the foreground is a floating illustration of sakuranbo, the cherries produced by cherry blossom trees.

Many highlights of Yamagata culture have been condensed into one beautiful design that can be enjoyed by visitors to the region.

These special bottles can be found from 2nd September and they are only available in Yamagata prefecture.

By - Jess.