Book and Bed is a unique hostel which caters to book lovers travelling in Tokyo. The cosy rooms have beds hidden behind bookcases filled to the brim with page-turners, which you can pick up and peruse whenever you feel like it.

Even if you’re not staying at the hostel, you can go and lounge around with some good books during the daytime too by paying per hour that you stay.

It paints an idyllic picture and the only thing that could make it better, I’m sure you would agree, is enjoying a matcha dessert at the same time.

Well we are in luck, because Book and Bed Tokyo, which is located in Asakusa, are going to start offering a special selection of matcha treats at their cafe.

Each of the green tea offerings are literally overflowing, and the presentation is inspired by the tradition of overpouring sake so that is flows out of the glass into the accompanying masu cup.

First, there’s the ‘Overflowing Matcha Latte’ (650 yen), a beverage so frothy that the matcha goodness is spilling down the cup to be caught in the special stand that it comes with.

The ‘Overflowing Matcha Tiramisu’ (670 yen) also arrives perched on a special stand with deep green matcha sauce dripping down.

The ‘Overflowing Matcha Ogura Toast’ (650 yen) brings a taste of Nagoya to the venue with plenty of extra green tea flavour.

The matcha desserts will be sold starting from 2nd September. The cafe is open on weekdays from 12.00 to 17.00 (at the weekend hostel entrance fee is required to use the cafe).


Address: Tokyo, Taito, Kaminarimon 2-16-9 Pagoda Asakusa 6F

Nearest station: Asakusa

Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa website

By - Jess.